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Following the success of the two previous B-SOCCS, we will be hosting our third annual BPDA symposium in May 2019 at the Broad Institute in Cambridge. This symposium will be focused on strategies to nurture academia-industry collaborations and to advance scientific research and professional development.

Many postdoctoral trainees have strong research, teaching, and interpersonal skills; however, they lack the ability to leverage these skills to prepare for careers in either academic tenure-track positions or industry.

As research becomes increasingly multidisciplinary and technologically complex, collaborative research among diverse experts is often required to address important scientific questions. This symposium will be a unique platform for young investigators to establish new relationships and gain new perspectives.

Our goals are twofold: 1) to facilitate increased collaboration among scientists and engineers in academia and industry; 2) to provide practical tools necessary to enhance the professional development of early career researchers. 



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