Building a team

Successful teams are often managed by leaders who inspire their subordinates to meet deadlines while making sure that their teams enjoy an enthusiastic work environment that allows them to fulfill their career objectives. Achieving this goal requires employing leadership approaches that range from being authoritative when important deadlines are to be met, to, being affiliative when a team is going through a hard time, so that a team can remain productive while not losing their innovative edge. Being able to strike the fine balance between these two extremes is what we will discuss in this panel. While leadership styles can vary significantly based on the need for the hour and a leader’s personal traits, is there any consensus on a universal set of skills that all leaders must have? Is it possible to cultivate these skills and what are some of the approaches towards learning these skills? Lastly, for those who may not want to lead from the front at this very moment, how do you spot a team with a good leader?