The BPDA has invited consultants from two top leading Boston life science consultancies, which seek out advanced degree candidates (i.e. PhD, MD, including current graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows. They will share their perspectives on what consulting entails, what it is like to transition from an academic setting to consulting, and what their respective firms look for in potential candidates. The sessions will consist of consultants presenting information on their firms followed by moderated Q&A and audience questions

Shivam Shodhan   Strategic Management Consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners

Shivam Shodhan

Strategic Management Consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners

Dr. Shivam Shodhan is a life sciences strategy management consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners in Boston, MA. He earned his M.D. from St. George’s University, School of Medicine and his M.B.A. from University of Florida, Hough School of Business.
His current work typically involves assessing and developing growth strategies at the asset, franchise, and corporate level. Dr. Shodhan has deep commercial and clinical expertise, allowing him to drive to unique insights that inform key investment decisions and optimize the differentiation of assets and franchises within the life sciences.

Robert (Bobby) Moy   Principal at Clarion

Robert (Bobby) Moy

Principal at Clarion

Robert (Bobby) Moy is a principal with Clarion. Since joining Clarion in 2004, he has built expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and projects—from rare to mass markets and from the earliest stages of product development through launch.
His current area of focus is in developing market expansion and business development strategies in rare disease and transplant markets as well as supporting early commercialization decisions in these areas. Bobby also has a strong interest in building strategies around novel therapeutic approaches and mechanisms of action.