Because being an effective researcher is not only about conducting high quality research, but also communicating your research, we will have a workshop focused on effective science communication skills. Presenting your work and yourself is an integral part of being within the science community. As you transition from Postdocs to PI's, effective public speaking can help get your science out to the public and inspire the students that you teach. In this workshop, you will learn tools and tricks to help boost your confidence while presenting in front of an audience, big or small. So, join us and by the end, you should be on your way to finding your voice.


Personal academic websites are an essential tool for sharing your research and marketing yourself as an academic. Increasingly during the faculty application process hiring committees expect to see your personal website in addition to your standard documents. This workshop will focus on the ins and outs of creating content for your website, including how to frame your research interests, and offer feedback on existing websites. Faculty who have experience building websites and regularly look at them to assess potential colleges will join us. So come with an idea or nothing at all, and by the end, you should have the tools to build a great website.


The BPDA has invited consultants from two top leading Boston life science consultancies, which seek out advanced degree candidates (i.e. PhD, MD, including current graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows. They will share their perspectives on what consulting entails, what it is like to transition from an academic setting to consulting, and what their respective firms look for in potential candidates. The sessions will consist of consultants presenting information on their firms followed by moderated Q&A and audience questions