project management workshop

saturday, june 9, 2018 | 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM | yellowstone room 1

Project management and behavioral science tools that make your work visible. An interactive workshop with Iris Stammberger, MSEE, MED,PHD Management science and behavioral science have uncovered powerful project and team management tools that increase the quality, agility, and adaptability of projects and initiatives. These tools help teams and organizations achieve the desired results despite high risk, dynamic, uncertain, and ambiguous situations. At the individual level, they help us overcome human decision-making biases, cognitive limitations, and emotional bottle-necks. At the organizational level they guide action towards stated goals. Because there are so many tools we can use, a good strategy is to embrace the idea of a customized toolkit that you and your team will test and improve with time. Using “making work visible”, as a design principle, you can create your own customized toolkit and make available the information needed for productive communication, collaboration and action. You will learn how Sheila, the serial entrepreneur, manages her virtual company using Kanban Boards; how Jordan, the post doc, contributed to a Zero-Rework policy at a biotech startup; and how Nanci, the IS director, implemented Swimlane Maps to improve cross-functional collaboration and increase process performance. We will also discuss how you can create your own toolkit using these tools and others such as Kaizen events, Stand up meetings, Parking Lots, Cognitive Scaffolding, Minority Dissent, 5 Whys, SWOT, Sprints, the Iron Triangle, Six Thinking Hats, and more.

To download the agenda of the workshop click here.

To download Iris' project management tools for scientist click here.


Iris Stammberger, MSEE MED PhD

founder and CEO of TALBOK Consulting LLC

Iris Stammberger, MSEE, MED, PhD, is the founder and CEO of TALBOK Consulting LLC., a management consultancy that helps organizational leaders improve business performance by implementing lean, agile and design thinking management practices. In her work she relies on behavioral science principles that help sustain behavioral change at the individual and team level. She has worked internationally across a variety of industries - IT, biotech, pharmaceutical, energy, non-profit and higher education organizations. She holds degrees from Tufts University (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. (Cognitive Science) and Human Computer Interaction CAGS), Cambridge College (Counseling Psychology ME.d), IESA (Business Administration CAGS), Universidad Central de Venezuela (M.S. Electrical Engineering), and Universidad de Carabobo (BSEE). Iris is a mentor at the Healthcare Business Woman Association and a board member of the Boston Medical Development Group (Boston MDG), the New England Women in Science Executive Club (NEWISE Club) and the Boston Debate League. She recently received an award from WEST, a Cambridge-based organization where she teaches organizational excellence practices to women in engineering, science and technology. Contact information: